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Have a great one. Well said! I noticed through watching season 2 that the items purchased that they were getting for free were lifewater and Barilla pasta. Now months ago I emailed Lifewater because we drink a lot of it in our household. I asked the company how to get on an email list or mailing list for coupons. They informed me that they do NOT have coupons for thier product and that they price it affordably and support in store sales.

Every episode so far of season 2 everyone is buying hundreds of bottles of life water and getting them for free with coupons. The best Barilla coupon I have seen is 55 cents off when you buy 2. I scour all the clipping websites and have never seen a coupon for. And when you see their stockpiles do you notice that those 2 products are the only ones that you can see the labels, the rest are turned backwards. Seems to me that theses companies are sponsoring the program. And these couponers are getting those coupons just to be one the show.

I love coupons, I work very hard to save as much as I can. I cut our grocery bill in half. But I have to work very hard to do that. Only one store doubles up to 2 like coupons per day per store loyalty card. They used to triple up to. I literally have to call everyweek and check the coupon policy because they are changing that often. Thanks for the atricle. I watched Extreme Couponing once about a year ago. The did a piece on a couple that used the money they saved from couponing to travel. I remember being a bit creeped out by the whole thing because they had a room in their house that was floor to ceiling boxes of cereals, pop tarts, soda, and processed foods.

The last thing they grabbed during the shopping trip was mountains of candy. But I remember thinking she was still going to have to make another trip for bread, milk, cheese, meat and fruit.

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Apparently not, because later in the segment they commented that they do sustain themselves from their pantry. That seemed even more evident in the fact that both these people were significantly overweight.

Miles of Aisles, Endless Opportunities to Save

It just seemed idiotic and a bit pathetic to me that the idea that a steady diet of pop tarts, canned soup and soda is an acceptable way to live for the sake of extreme couponing. Tessa I could not have said it better myself. For all the reasons you mentioned above, I actually stopped watching the show.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! You summed it up perfectly. All the money they save will eventually go to health costs. I agree somewhat about the unhealthy factor but I do get some healthier things for free. All I pay is the sales tax. For example I just got 38 bottles of Kens salad dressing for. Frozen veggies are always free too. If u put some time in u will save on heLthy items. I have 3 stores who save their left over Sunday papers for me.

I never pay for my papers.

Extreme Couponing or Extremely Annoying?

Thought I would share one positive comment. This article is VERY old and I agree that many of the companies have begun to make readily available some coupons for healthier options making stocking up on those much better than before.

At any rate, the show itself is not entirely truthful. All you need to do is find someone who has appeared on it, and given enough time, they come clean about the lies and deception. I had noticed a lot of the people appearing on the show are sometimes extremely overweight. I also noticed they buy, like, ten cases of dog treats at one time.

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Just like any other form of entertainment, you have to take this show as caffeine-spiked brain candy, and nothing more. I would like to offer you a bit of advice, since you are new to couponing. Please consider using coupons on things other than just what you currently use. If you are not loyal to specific brands you will be able to save more and try some new products for less or possibly free. For the products you are loyal to, you can consider writing or emailing the manufacturers to let them know about your loyalty and ask for coupons.

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I thought that was good!! Awesome, right?! The system I use is so incredibly simple that I decided very early on in my couponing process that I needed to teach others what I had learned as well. Coupons changed my life and I just HAD to tell people about it! After I mastered couponing, I quickly discovered there were so many more ways to save money for our family. Saving money on groceries and teaching others to do the same is where it all began. Aside from motherhood, this has been the most rewarding job I have ever had!

Now, my life is better because of coupons, but my life doesn't revolve around coupons. I am very active in my church, I love to be involved in my kids' school, I bake - a lot, and enjoy crafting, DIY, and digital scrapbooking.

Extreme Couponing - Wikipedia

Once upon a time, I was an assistant, an accountant, an office manager, a customer service agent, and did some American Sign Language on the side. If you do a little Google digging, you may see my name in conjunction with the Saints Unified Voices choir directed by the legendary Gladys Knight. I sang and toured with this group for about 9 years and may have scooped up a Grammy along the way. Online ' s critic Jennifer Arrow called it a "recessionista series" marked by "a lot of tawdry, exploitative 'reality ' " and participants "just doing their crazy best to stretch dollars and provide a little more for their families.

The show has come under fire by consumer bloggers and experts such as Jill Cataldo about potential coupon misuse on the show. Actions such as the use of coupons for incorrect items, [13] [14] [15] [16] using counterfeit coupons, [17] [18] [19] and encouraging compulsive hoarding [18] have been cited as reasons to question the show's authenticity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Coffee, "Extreme couponing!

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    Views Read Edit View history. Languages Italiano Edit links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Matt Sharp. Identical twins track down birthday freebies; a Kentucky couponer assembles military care packages.

    Nathan, the Kentucky couponer, was also featured in the special pilot episode, purchasing items not only for himself but for a local food bank. A thrifty woman searches for coupons in public recycling bins; a mother passes down her love of couponing to her son before he leaves for college. A single mom uses coupons so she can afford to support her mother and daughter; a couponer tries to collect donated items without spending a dollar.

    A Seattle couponer is forced to take her kids along to the grocery store when her babysitter is late; a Spokane woman uses the money she saves from couponing to travel. Also: a newcomer to couponing has a growing stockpile that's taking over her entire home. A Georgia couponer brings her best friend along on a shopping spree to show her the ropes, while a stay-at-home mom in Idaho takes her skeptical husband grocery shopping, hoping to spark some interest in couponing.

    An expectant couple from Long Island use coupons to stock up on supplies before their baby arrives; couponing allows a Las Vegas woman to home school her twin 6-year-olds. admin