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You can really save money, for one thing. If you do the maths, it actually works out much cheaper to buy a phone SIM free and then get a SIM only deal than it is does to buy a phone on a standard phone-and-tariff contract.

For the sake of example, let's look at some of the iPhone 7 deals available at the time of writing. With standard two-year phone-and-tariff contracts you're tied to your network until you've paid off the phone in full. Not so with SIM free. Once you've got your phone, you can sign up for a one-month SIM only deal also known as pay-as-you-go SIM deal and you're free to change network with just 30 days' notice.

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That's handy because if you subsequently see a SIM only deal that's cheaper, you're then free to switch and save yourself some money. Networks often run limited-time promotions that give you double-data for the same price, for instance. Because you're free to switch with 30 days' notice, you can act quickly and get yourself a really good deal.

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Let's suppose you're planning a break to the USA, but it's not covered by your existing network's inclusive roaming scheme. That means you can either pay for a roaming add-on that does cover that area. Or take your chances and potentially get hit by ruinous roaming charges.

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You can simply cancel your one-month contract with 30 days' notice. For example, Three's Feel at Home.

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The main disadvantage of buying SIM free is the substantial initial outlay. Conversely, with standard phone-and-tariff contracts, the cost of the phone is spread over the course of the month contract. So although you're paying more in the long-term, you don't need to have hundreds of pounds to-hand to get the phone you want.

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That's an easy one. Head to our SIM only comparison page and you'll find an extensive choice from all major networks, as well as some lesser known networks that are well worth a look and could save you some cash. Think you'd like a short-term SIM only deal? Compare pay as you go SIMs. Looking for a longer-term SIM only deal? Here's where you can compare month contract SIMs.

SIM free mobile phones Buy a phone outright and shop around for a cheap SIM free deal No contract means you're free to choose any network You can save hundreds of pounds compared to phone-and-tariff contracts. Nokia 9 Pureview on EE. Data 30GB. Nokia 9 Pureview. Samsung Galaxy S Nokia 8 Sirocco. Apple iPhone XR.

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