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As you look through the table you just printed, you'll notice there are NO codes that require a purchase of more than 4 items. The next time you see a coupon that tells you to buy 6, check the value code - chances are good that you only need to buy 3 or 4 for the POS to give you the credit.

There is no way to encode "buy this, get that free" unless it is in the offer code see below.

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Those coupons are encoded as "get that free" or "checker intervention". Again, frees may be flagged at your store. The expiration code appears as part of the second set of bars starting with the as listed above , making that set physically longer than the first set. If there is no expiration date encoded, then the POS cannot tell whether the coupon has expired. Of course the default setting is to assume that it has NOT expired. Here's a homemade list. Keep in mind that some mfr's have multiple codes, and that some products with the same mfr name may have different mfr codes.

Next example: Dove.

Understand How to Read a UPC Coupon Code

Most Dove stuff is , but the cleansing cloths are like Vaseline and the antiperspirant is like Suave. Given that, you have to understand that a list of "the common ones" would have to be either very long, or very incomplete. Being somewhat lazy, I'm opting for the latter No, I don't have a long list I just typed this in now. If anyone else wants to add data, please do!

Enter supporting content here. Coupon Decoding Years ago, stores would put price tags on everything so the cashier would know how much to charge you for any particular item. No price tag, no sale -- that was the name of the game.

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Then UPC scanners came into wide use during the s and s, transforming the way we shop for just about everything. There's a lot of data in that code -- if you know how to read it. And one of the key things that a bar code can do is read coupons to help you save money. Each section is used to help match coupons to products and determine the value of the coupon. If you want to get a better understanding of what these codes on your coupons mean, check out the following five steps that explain the basics.

That number of "5" tells the barcode reader that it's scanning a coupon and not a different type of barcode. Next comes a five digit in the photo above manufacturer number.

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So they stuck with the three digit coupon family code. The only significant change in this regard is that they made it impossible for the consumer to look at the coupon barcode and know would coupon family codes are included unless you have a tool like QSeer. You must be logged in to post a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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