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But because three councilors missed that meeting, they agreed to postpone the decision.

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Right now, Bangor ordinances only allow residents to keep chickens — and numerous other kinds of livestock — in the rural and agricultural sections of the city. On Monday, councilors Gibran Graham and Laura Supica voted to revisit that ordinance, but the five other councilors who attended the meeting opposed the review.

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Two councilors, Ben Sprague and Clare Davitt, were not able to attend the workshop. Some supported the current rules, arguing that chickens can attract predators, and be loud and unsanitary. Does it have the resources to do this?

But others spoke against the current prohibition, pointing to the merits of raising their own food and arguing that ordinances can be written to prevent chickens from disrupting neighbors. The council previously considered allowing chickens in residential areas in , but at the time, councilors tabled a vote on the proposed change.

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The proposal would have let residents keep up to six hens in a residential zone with numerous restrictions, such as keeping coops at least 20 feet from neighboring properties and prohibiting the slaughter of fowl. Have feedback? Want to know more?


Cassin also said he thinks councillors should ask the Peterborough Humane Society PHS questions on why it would cost so much to deal with backyard hens. David Chambo, a father of four, said he gets about 50 eggs a week from his hens. They're good organic food to feed his children, he said. Please say we can have chickens in the city.

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Michael Scorer lives in East City with his backyard chickens. He says he's kept chickens in the city and in the country for 30 years. He said the eggs people get from backyard hens are an alternative to eggs from factory farms. As for the idea that hens attract vermin such as rats, Scorer said it's nonsense. Dan McWilliams said he still has concerns about reptiles; he cannot imagine having an unlimited number of them roaming free in a home.

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But Gord Perry, co-owner of the new reptile pet store House of Scales, urged council to adopt the new animal bylaw because it's very friendly to reptile owners. Perhaps council will want to rethink the backyard hen provisions, he said — but don't hold up adoption of the new bylaw as a whole for the love of chickens, he said. He said one of his roles as a purveyor of exotic pets is to educate those who know little about reptiles.

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