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5 Tips for using public transportation in Salt Lake City

Amid all the discounts and deals, UTA raises only 14 percent of its overall revenue from fares, with the bulk of the rest coming from local sales tax and federal funding. Because of that, a new law enacted by the Legislature this year to restructure the agency also ordered its leaders to review whether the many discounts are fair and reasonable for all residents. The current board has drafted a resolution needed to continue most current discount programs for now and is expected to approve it later this month.

The agency also paused an ongoing study on possible reforms to its fares — which includes looking at replacing the current single charge for a trip of any length to possibly charging additional fares for trips that go beyond one county or zone.

Railfanning Salt Lake City and Riding The UTA Frontrunner 5/9/19

Still, a board committee heard a report this week about just how extensive the current discount programs are — including 20 offered to schools and companies that require renewal this year, plus several others offered to seniors, the homeless and even the general public if they take certain steps. Discounts can make a big difference in how much different riders pay for the same service.

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Among companies taking advantage of that program are Western Governors University and Rockwell Collins. Penney Co. Current recipients include Lucid Software and Pluralsight.

Current Fares

This steep discount plan is one of the few being discontinued on June UTA offers numerous other types of discounted passes to companies, schools and others on a monthly, daily or even per-trip basis. Also, it sometimes cuts deals with sponsors of concerts or sports to allow event tickets to also serve as free transit tickets. It does the same with some groups holding conventions here to allow attendees to have free passes. UTA works out individual contracts with numerous colleges to provide passes for students and faculty. UTA spokesman Carl Arky said a poll the agency did in showed that 38 percent of riders reported using major pass programs.

The agency also offers many other discounts beyond those pass programs but does not have a good estimate of what percentage of all riders pay less than full fare, said Nichol Bourdeaux, UTA vice president of external affairs. Some of those other discounts are mandated by the Federal Transit Administration as a condition of the funding it provides.

For example, fares for seniors, the disabled and Medicare cardholders during nonpeak times may not be more than 50 percent of the cost of full peak-hour fare. UTA also has chosen to offer other discounts to help the needy. It offers 25 percent off monthly passes to minors and students or poor people deemed eligible by the Department of Workforce Services. Stay behind the line until the train comes to a complete stop. Then approach the door and push to button to open.

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Board the train. UTA has two types of commuter rail train cars. These are older, refurbished single-level cars. You must use stairs to enter these cars, and they are not wheelchair accessible.

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These newer railcars are accessible to wheelchairs and bicycles. Passengers can sit on the main floor, mezzanine level and upper level. Both types of FrontRunner cars have buttons that open the doors. These buttons are located next to the door on the exterior of the railcar.

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Once the train has stopped, push the button next to the door you would like to enter. Allow those exiting the train to leave before stepping aboard.

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Be ready for fare inspection. Fare inspectors circulate through cars to check for valid fare. UTA may issue a citation if you have not paid the appropriate fare. Get ready to exit the train. FrontRunner trains stop at every station along the route. Announcements and electronic signs on the train tell you the next station that the train will stop, along with connection information for example, if there is a connection to buses or the TRAX lines.

Gather your things, hold on to the rails and handles as you make your way to the exit. Exit the train. To exit the train, locate the buttons near the exits.

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